Who is Cema Racing Team

Starting with 2 Namibia Go Kart drivers, the current team is at 6 team members. We have 2 female and 4 male drivers. Three of the Cema Racing Team are competing in the Rok Cup National Championships

2023 Team Member numbers

We all love Statistics. Here are some Fun Facts. 


Kilometers driven during Practice


Tyres Replaced in 2023


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Bambino Development


The Best Place to start in any Development program is to start with the Bambino Engines. This is a 2 stroke engine that can reach speeds up to 63 km/h 

The Advantages of Karting Enthusiasts: 

1. Skill Development

Engaging in go karting from an early age helps kids develop essential skills such as hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and decision-making.

2. Confidence Building

Mastering the art of driving a go kart can significantly boost a child’s self-confidence and self-esteem, as they learn to navigate challenges on the track.

3. Introduction to Motorsports

The Bambino Go Kart serves as a fantastic introduction to the world of motorsports. It ignites a passion for racing that can shape a child’s interests and hobbies in the future.