Namibia Karting Nationals Leg 1 – Race Results

Namibia Karting Nationals Leg 1: Race Results

A Thrilling Kickoff to the 2024 Season


The Karting Namibia season roared into action on February 10, 2024, at the iconic Tony Rust Race Track, located just outside Windhoek. Hosted by Swakop Karters, this event marked a significant beginning to what promises to be a gripping season in the world of kart racing. With main sponsors like Rotax, Motul Namibia, Total Tools, Engen Jan Jonker Service Station, and Cema Racing throwing their support behind the races, the stage was set for a day filled with high-speed competition under the scorching sun, with temperatures soaring between 30-34°C for the majority of the race day.


**The Venue: Setting the Stage for High-Speed Thrills**


Nestled on the outskirts of Windhoek, the Tony Rust Race Track is a venue steeped in motorsport history. Known for its challenging turns and exhilarating straights, the track provided a perfect backdrop for the intense racing action that unfolded. It’s worth noting that Toni Rust, one of the competitors, is the granddaughter of the track’s founder, Tony Rust, adding a layer of legacy and tradition to the event.

A dynamic kart racing scene on an outdoor track with four drivers navigating a curve, bordered by red and white tire barriers.
Namibia Karting Bambino Heat 1

Race Day Highlights: From Start to Finish Line

Mini Rok

 In the Mini Rok, the top racer that got 105 out of 105 top points was Cecil Jr. Koorts. He is the National Mini Rok Champion for 2023. Cecil will also be attending the Africa Championships at Zwartkops Racing Track in Johannesburg from February 16–17, 2024, together with Kristopher Koudelka and JP Du Plooy. Behind Cecil in 2nd place is Joane Kotze, who was driving in #12. Joane is a rising star when it comes to female racers. Her time has significantly improved compared to 2023. In 3rd place is Hermann Schouw, who is making his debut in Mini Rok in 2024. Hermann was second overall in the 2023 season in the Kid Rok Class. Fourth place went to another female racer making her debut appearance in motorsport: Toni Rust. Interesting Fact: Toni’s Grandfather started Tony Rust Race Track. Thus, we welcome our third generation to Namibia Motorsports. Fifth was Paul Oosthuizen in the Mini Rok Class. Paul made his debut in Mini Rok with this race. Another interesting fact is that Paul also participated in the RMC Rotax Championship, thus having a total of six races in one day under his belt.

Race Day Highlights: From Start to Finish Line


Kid Rok

In the Kid Rok Championship division, Kristopher Koudelka, the Kid Rok Champion of the 2023 Rok Championship season, ended up with 105 out of 105 and took a victory lap as a result. Close on his heels was Petrus JP Du Plooy, with three heats in second place. In 3rd place was Francois Gouws, making his debut in his first ever go-karting race. In fourth place were Kathrine Koudelka, also making her debut in Kid Rok for the 2024 racing season. Kathrine came from the Bambino class in the 2023 racing season.

**Winning Strategies: How the Victors Took the Podium**

Strategic racing and meticulous preparation were key for the day’s winners. Competitors like Cecil Jr. Koorts and Kristopher Koudelka not only relied on their driving skills but also on the strategic insights from their teams and the support of sponsors such as Cema Racing Team.




Behind the Scenes: Preparations and Team Dynamics

The success of racers on the track is often a reflection of the hard work and planning that goes on behind the scenes. Teams like Cema Racing exemplify how collaboration and team spirit can lead to outstanding performances on race day.

**The Fans: Celebrating Passion and Community**

The event was a testament to the passion and dedication of karting fans, with families, friends, and supporters filling the stands, creating an electrifying atmosphere that fueled the racers’ spirits. Even though there are two different championships held on the same day, which are the Rok Cup Championship and the RMC Rotax Championship, the competitors provide great spectator entertainment.


**Analyzing the Results: What They Mean for the Season**

The outcomes of Leg 1 offer a glimpse into what could be expected for the remainder of the season. With Cecil Jr. Koorts and Kristopher Koudelka setting high standards, the competition is poised to be fierce. With female racers entering the racing scene, there is a great dynamic in terms of competitors. Internationally, there is great emphasis on female racing development, especially from the FIA.

**Safety Measures: Ensuring Competitor and Spectator Safety**


Despite the high-speed thrills, safety remained a top priority, with rigorous measures in place to protect both competitors and spectators, ensuring that the excitement of the race day was matched by a commitment to wellbeing. With an accident that happened in the Senior Max race, there were great boundaries set with tyres and barricades that were built. Around every major hazardous obstacle around the track are tires stacked, which brings both the safety aspect and the visual feel of racing.


**The importance of Media Partners**


The day was captured by the official media partner of Cema Racing: Revival Media Agency. Revival Media has a vision to Revive businesses’ digital footprints through digital marketing, social media management, blogging, article writing, and content curation. Throughout the day, a few positions were identified by their photographers to get the best low-level angle, the highest angle on the track, and at the same time, the motto of motor racing Internationally: Safety First.

Drone footage

**What’s Next? Upcoming Races and Season Predictions**


With the bar set high at the Tony Rust Race Track, the karting community eagerly anticipates the next races of the 2024 season. Predictions are already swirling about potential champions, but as any motorsport enthusiast knows, anything can happen on the race track. The next race will be hosted by Windhoek Motor Club in April 2024, also at Tony Rust Race Track.

**How to Get Involved in Namibia Karting**


For those inspired by the racers and the thrilling competition, getting involved in karting is an adventure waiting to happen. From local kart clubs to national championships, opportunities abound for aspiring racers to dive into the sport. There are also Sponsoring Opportunities with Brand Exposure, Brand building strategies, multiple exposures on both race day as well as online social media presence.


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