Leg 2 Race Report: Intense Action at Tony Rust Race Track

Leg 2 Race Report: Intense Action at Tony Rust Race Track

Tony Rust Race Track Hosts Leg 2 of Karting Series

On April 11, 2024, the Tony Rust Race Track hosted Leg 2 of the Namibian Karting Rok Championship, with Windhoek Motor Club at the helm and sponsorship from Cema Racing and Jan Jonker Service Station.

Kid Rok Class

Kristopher Koudelka’s Dominant Performance

In the high-octane Kid Rok class, #16 Kristopher Koudelka was the undisputed champion, winning all three races with commanding performances. Koudelka’s driving prowess was on full display, as he set the fastest lap time of 41.763 seconds at an average speed of 86.20 kph during Race 2.

A kart racer in full gear making a tight turn on a racetrack, with focus on the racer's intense concentration and the kart's dynamic angle at Tony Rust Race Track
A kart driver skillfully navigates a curve on the racetrack, showcasing the sport’s demand for precision and control at Tony Rust Race Track

Interesting Facts: Kid Rok

  • Over the course of the three heats, Koudelka completed a total of 30 laps, covering a distance of approximately 32 kilometers at an average speed of 85.79 kph.
  • His closest rival, #36 JP Du Plooy, finished second in each race, trailing Koudelka by an average of 4.140 seconds.
  • Unfortunately, #80 Francois Gouws was unable to complete any of the races, facing technical difficulties that resulted in three DNS (Did Not Start) results.

JP Du Plooy’s consistency and getting better

#36 JP Du Plooy consistently secured second place behind the indomitable Kristopher Koudelka, with his best performance during Heat 2 clocking a lap time of 42.343 seconds.

Mini Rok Division

Cecil Koorts’ Dominance

In the Mini Rok division, the spotlight was on Cecil Jr. Koorts, the reigning champion and a representative at the Super Finals in Italy in 2023. Koorts showcased his mastery of each turn on the Tony Rust Race Track, winning all three races with dominant performances.

Koorts set the fastest lap time of 40.292 seconds at an average speed of 89.35 kph during qualifying, and he maintained this blistering pace throughout the races. In total, Koorts completed 44 laps, covering a distance of approximately 44 kilometers at an average speed of 89.19 kph.

Hermann Schouw’s Consistent Second-Place Finishes

Behind Koorts, #15 Hermann Schouw clinched second place in all three races, finishing an average of 4.395 seconds behind the leader.

Battle for Third Place

A fierce battle ensued for third place, with #911 Toni Rust and #12 Joanne Kotze both facing penalties during the heats. Ultimately, Rust secured the final podium spot. 

Cema Racing’s Successful Day

Cema Racing celebrated a successful day at Tony Rust Race Track, claiming four of the top seven podium spots, a testament to their strong performance and strategic prowess. Photos captured by Revival Media Agency helped immortalize the thrilling race day, adding a visual narrative to the unfolding drama.

Upcoming Race Details

The excitement continues with the next race scheduled for May 11, 2024, at the R&R Race Track in Swakopmund. This event promises more thrilling karting action under the auspices of the Walvisbay Motor Club. Participants and fans alike are eagerly anticipating another day of high-speed competition, where seasoned racers and emerging talents will showcase their skills on one of the most challenging tracks. 


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