Namibia Karting Rok Championship Leg 3 Race Results

Namibia Karting Rok Championship Leg 3 Race Results


The R&R RaceTrack in Swakopmund buzzed with excitement on May 10th, as the third leg of the Namibia Karting Rok Championship hit full throttle. Hosted by the Walvis Bay Motor Club and fueled by the passionate support of Swakop Karters and Kart Store, the day promised high-octane action. The crowd packed the stands, their cheers blending with the thunderous roar of engines.


Under the scorching sun, young racers revved up for an intense day of competition. The heat was palpable both on and off the track. But as the clock struck 15:00, the weather took a dramatic turn, dropping to a chilly cold. Despite the sudden drop in temperature, the competition remained red-hot, with racers still neck and neck, battling for victory.

The Racing flag with JP Du Plooy
JP Du Plooy with the Racing Flag for the Namibia Rok Championship Leg 3

Kid Rok Class: A Dominant Display


The Kid Rok class was all about Petrus Du Plooy (#36). His performance was nothing short of dominant, securing pole position and sweeping all three heat races. His consistency and speed were unmatched, leaving his rivals in his dust.

Stat Attack: Du Plooy’s total race time across all three heats was a mere 14 minutes and 12 seconds!

Kristopher Koudelka (#16) put up a valiant fight, consistently finishing in second place, showcasing his determination and skill. He also showed why he is the Namibia Kid Rok Champion of 2023 and took 2nd place like a true warrior and showed great sportsmanship. 

Francois Gouws (#80) also had a strong showing, securing multiple podium finishes and proving his resilience on the track.

Mini Rok Division: A Battle for Supremacy


The Mini Rok division was a battleground of talent, with Cecil Koorts (#44) emerging as the victor. His lightning-fast reflexes and strategic driving earned him pole position and three consecutive wins.

Did you know? Koorts’ average speed in qualifying was equivalent to a cheetah sprinting at full tilt!

Hermann Schouw (#15) consistently challenged Koorts, securing second place in all three heats. The competition for the remaining podium spot was fierce, with Toni Rust (#911) and Joane Kotze (#12) both showcasing their skills and determination.

Stat Attack: Koorts’ total winning margin across all three heats was a staggering 34.534 seconds, a testament to his dominance.

The Road to Windhoek: Tony Rust Race Track Awaits


The championship now shifts gears to the iconic Tony Rust Race Track in Windhoek on June 15th. Racers will face a daunting new challenge, with blistering straights and treacherous hairpins demanding precision and skill. The battle for supremacy promises to be even more intense.

Fun Fact: The Tony Rust Race Track has a rich history, hosting numerous motorsport events over the years, including national championships and international races.

Life Lessons from the Track

The Namibia Karting Rok Championship isn’t just about speed and competition; it’s also a breeding ground for valuable life lessons:

  1. Persistence Pays Off: Drivers like Francois Gouws and Hermann Schouw, who consistently pushed their limits and secured podium finishes, remind us that perseverance and determination can lead to success even when faced with tough competition.
  2. Every Second Counts: In a sport where victory can be decided by fractions of a second, drivers like Cecil Koorts and Petrus Du Plooy exemplify the importance of focus, precision, and making the most of every opportunity.

Get Involved: Cheer on Your Favorites!

As the anticipation builds for the next race in Windhoek, we invite you to become a part of this thrilling journey. Show your support for your favorite racers by sending a short video message (20-30 seconds) to Revival Media Agency’s WhatsApp: +264811411226. Let your cheers and encouragement fuel their drive for glory!

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